European Society of Vascular Surgery

The European Society for Vascular Surgery was founded and inaugurated on May 6, 1987 in London. This inaugural meeting was attended by Presidents or Representatives of almost all the National Vascular Societies in Europe, who supported the formation and aims of the ESVS.

The Officers and Members of the Council were proposed and elected, ensuring a satisfactory representation from various European countries. It was further agreed that the Society would generally meet in September each year. The Society has grown enormously since and has now over 2800 members, mostly European, but many from other parts of the world.


  • ESVS sets the standards in preventing and managing vascular disease
  • ESVS is the leading training organisation with standardised and recognised education pathways
  • ESVS is the leading scientific organisation in vascular care
  • ESVS is a professional organisation with a sustainable business model